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Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Spotting Scope Review

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For professional and avid hunting equipment affects his accuracy or hunting rate a lot. Because of weak visual tools, a trophy animal can be missed for just a few yards! So spotting scopes are gaining popularity among regular outdoor enthusiasts. Among all of the brands, Vanguard is widely familiar as a camera manufacturer, and whenever I came up to review the Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A Spotting scope, it blew my mind away. A handful of features, stylish and durable structure and quality spotting quality, is what a professional hunter exactly needs!

Product Specification

  • Product Dimension: 15’’ x 7’’.
  • Weight:8 kilograms.
  • Magnification: 20-60x.
  • Fous Distances: 7 ft (20x); 18 ft (60x).
  • Field of View: 330 – 156 ft at 1000 yds.
  • Warranty: Premium lifetime warranty.

Features and Benefits

Compact, Magnesium Alloy-made Structure
The first impression the Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A scope creates while you unpack it is- it’s rigid and compact structure. The material used in its body is Magnesium alloy which provides a robust and durable structure.

Nitrogen Filled Optical Path Producing Colorful Images
This spotting scope is blessed with a combination of a Nitrogen filled magnesium housing and multicoated optical path. Together, these combination is promised to provide color blessed high-resolution photos.

20-60x Enhanced Zooming Capability
This version of Endeavor HD spotting scope comes up with a rubber zooming Kit with 20-60x zooming capability. To provide additional viewing comfort, it comes up with a long 19mm eye relief is added up with the product.

Double Lens Options
This epic spotting scope from Vanguard has two different lens compatibility- The Ocular lens and the Objective lens. In both of the ways, the hunter has the freedom to direct the way of light that’s entered into the scope.

100% Water and Fog Proof
The body of the device is completely sealed and thereby, is completely waterproof. Also, it has replaced the internal air of the scope with nitrogen to get a moisture free atmosphere. This has turned this into a fog-proof device with more accurate viewing with less hassle.

Auto-evaporation System with Recycling Feature
It comes up with an auto-evaporation system along with recycling capability of all the moisture. The benefit is, unlike many of the common models, it doesn’t require nor a water drain nor the hassle of emptying the bucket frequently.


Water and fog proof mounting.

Separate controls for fine focus.

Mounting foot provided for the tripod.

Eyepiece mounts can be interchanged.

Built-in sun shield.

Textured rubber armor with the magnesium body.


Doesn’t measure up with image clarity.

The scope is claimed to be non-weather proof.

Would be better if there were some built in magnifications.

 Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I rotate the eyepiece to the side of the scope?
Well, the scope provides this feature, but it depends on what’s the diameter it can take.

Question: How to use the camera adapter provided with the scope?
The adapter provided with the package connects directly to the camera. Doesn’t require a lens to function.

Question: Is it a decent scope for birding?
The 45x zooming capability of the scope ensures that it’s perfect for birding.


At the end of the review, we would say that Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A is one of the one of the best spotting scope among all functional mid-range scopes on the present market. Often, users ask for a little more improvements in the 20-60x zooming and also some fixed magnification. But if you are mid-range users like a birder or a wildlife observatory, this model can be the missing piece of the puzzle of your adventure.

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