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Basically, we are a team comprised of highly talented researchers here in https://huntinggearly.com. We analyze thousands of reviews from the buyers across the world to sort out some special features of the product we are going to advertise. After much research & sufficient exploration, the product reviews are being published on the site. We always provide our findings, experiences & honest opinions about the particular appliances we are reviewing. We come forward to promote only after proper investigation & using the product personally (not every time) because delivering opinions in different situations will engage more readers for us. Our reviews are totally research based, so we advise you to look more into it before you purchase.

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer:

It is to be stated that we the owners of https://huntinggearly.com are the participant of an affiliate advertising platform known as Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It is created to provide a monetary mean to the sites that earn fees by advertising & connecting their websites with the properties of Amazon.

Some registered trademarks, such as the  Amazon logos are the sole possessions of Amazon, which has to be taken into consideration. As we are the part of the amazon affiliate program, all the prices we display can get changed prior giving any notice. We also do not take responsibility of any products & their actions that has been ordered from our affiliate merchant.

FTC Required Website Disclosure:

Our motive is very clear & simple, we provide additional information & resources to our valued customers through https://huntinggearly.com. These suggestions help them make their purchasing decisions. We are ensuring that we haven’t received any products from any companies in exchange of publicizing & promoting them on our website.

We run an affiliate site, we only receive a commission by sales referrals of the mentioned products we advertise & review on the site. So when you purchase the items by clicking on our affiliate links, we will get an amount for that promotional service. Again mentioning that the process never affects your payment by means.

Please note it down that we don’t get any payments by writing the product reviews featured on our website. Another important thing is that we don’t provide any customer services for those appliances we advertise, in that case, you have to contact the product vendor to avail necessary support in this regard.

If you are still having any doubts in your mind, please don’t just hesitate to contact us.We’ll try our level best to clear all your worries as soon as possible because at the end of the day it is you who matters the most.