Celestron 52312

Celestron 52312 Regal M2 LER 27×80 ED Spotting Scope Review

Celestron 52312 is one of the best spotting scopes for its impressive features which are eyepiece specification, rotatable tripod, and excellent focusing system. Many hunters choose this scope for its user-friendly features and keep it to their top recommendation list. With some impressive features, this scope is also reasonable. Here you able to know about the features of this much-recommended spotting scope. Lets see about Celestron Spotting Scope.

Celestron 52312 Product specification about celestron 52312

  • Eyepiece Magnification: 16x to 48x.
  • Tripod: 360 rotate.
  • Lens: 80 mm ED.
  • Linear field view: 110ft or 37m.
  • Close Focus: 21.3ft or 6.5 m.
  • Body: Magnesium alloy body.



Features and Benefits

Eyepiece Specification

One of the most important features that hunters like is eyepiece function. It just boosts up the quality of the scope. 16x to 48x magnification feature of this spotting scope make it user-friendly. You may face difficulties while rotating the scope. But don’t worry this is adjustable eyepiece. This eyepiece specification also makes the focusing adjustment comfortable and easy.

  360 Degrees Tripod

Rotation is the important feature for Celestron 52312 spotting scope. This feature makes your hunting easy and comfortable. It is entirely reasonable that you need to focus around everywhere. But it is also tough to set scope is more and more. Considering this difficulty, this tripod can rotate 360 degrees. Therefore, hunters may get more benefits from this scope.

  Excellent Focus & Coarse Focus

The focus is one of the main features of this spotting scope. In many scopes, the main complaint is to focus very near and far. The object is not clear every time. But this scope is fully ok. Again, 6.5 m close focus is provided. So, this has important, excellent focus and coarse focus.

  Body Material

In the case of Celestron 52312, the body of this scope is made of magnesium and aluminum. Mixing both of these make this reel more stable and durable. The outlook also becomes attractive for using this scope.

  ED Glass

Celestron 52312 scope has a first lens with 80 mm Ed. Ed glass provides minimized vignetting. Chromatic aberration distortion is not found in this glass. This ED glass also provides crisp and clear prismatic color. So, in this popular spotting scope, you are going to get the clear view of an object. Again, there is fantastic lighting combination in the dark.

  Lens Protector

Who can say about an accident? The wise decision is to remain careful. The lens of the scope can be dropped anyway. So you need to be careful more and more. Don’t worry about this problem. Lens protector is available in this scope. So, this scope is durable.

Celestron 52312Pros

Awesome eyepiece specification.

360 rotatable tripod.

Have great lens protector.

Having good and coarse focusing.

In reasonable price.


Unable to produce razor shape image.

Tight tripod knob.

Too tough to target at long range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I use this scope for moonlit photography?
Answer: Yes, you can. But for that, you have to ensure two companions of this device- A good Camera (example: Canon 6D) and an adapter provided in the package with a T-ring.

Question: What is the focal length of the spotting scope?
Answer: The effective focal length of the 80mm spotting scope is 480mm.

Question: Where is the product made in?
Answer: According to the manufacturer’s specs, the product is made in China.

Question: What’s the warranty declaration from the manufacturer?
Answer: So far we are concerned; the company provides a lifetime warranty.


Probably, it is very clear to you that Celestron 52312 have excellent features. Every of the specification has smooth workability. Specialist hardly gives the negative comment about this reel. So, it is desired that you are going to use the best possible spotting scope. So Celestron Spotting Scope can be best for you.


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